Four Root Vegetable Curry


For this recipe use...




House Vermont Curry (Med.Hot) 1 box (8.11 oz.)
1 stalk (3.5 oz.) burdock
4 inches (7 oz.) lotus root
1 medium ( 7 oz.) carrot
2 (14 oz.) onion
12 (21 oz.) taro
14 oz. pork, thinly sliced
4 tbsp ( 2 oz.) salad oil
5 3/4 cup (1400 ml) Water


1. Cut vegetables into uniform bite-size pieces. Cut pork into 1" length.
2. Heat 4 tbsp of salad oil in a sturdy pot. Add burdock and saute until oil is absorbed. While sauteing add additional vegetables and pork.
3. Pour in water and let simmer on low to medium heat until ingredients are tender, skimming foam from surface as necessary. Simmer for approx. 15 min.
4. Momentarily turn off the heat from the pot. Break up House Vermont Curry roux and add to the mixture. Mix well while cooking over low heat for another 10 min until sauce thickens.
5. Fill up a bowl with rice and top with thickened curry mixture.

Note *For 6 servings divide ingredients in half and use 30oz (3 3/4 cups) of water.